On May 8, 2018, Google began its three-day developer festival known as Google I/O. This festival gives developers a chance to explore and work with Google Experts, and to also get a first look at their latest advances. This year’s keynote showcased Google Duplex, the technology behind their new Google Assistant element. Google Duplex is a completely automated system that can make phone calls to place reservations or make appointments for you. It is able to understand complicated sentences, difficult to understand speech, and a series of rejections. The Google Assistant was successfully able to call and make a restaurant reservation, schedule a hair appointment, and ask the holiday hours of a business, all while sounding remarkably human. These three functions will be available sometime this summer in a beta version. Whether or not you find the technology extraordinary or terrifying, here are some ways to use this tech in conjunction with your smart phone or smart device to make life just a little easier.


Newer versions of androids come with the feature already installed. If you have an older device, you can install Google Assistant for free through the play store.

Do you need reminded to pay that bill you keep forgetting? Google can remind you. Just say “hey google, remind me to pay my cellular bill at 1 PM.”
Tell Google your shopping list throughout the week and when you go shopping it will give you the complete list.
Tell the assistant to set your alarm for 7 AM.
Send a text message to let your friend know you’ll be arriving late to lunch. Just say “OK Google, send a text message to (friend’s name)” and then say the exact message you’d like to send.
Google assistant can translate 188 languages.
Other features include conversion of measurements and currencies, play games, navigate routes, discover nutrition information, get movie tickets, and so much more. Just ask your Google Assistant!


The Google Home mini retails for $39.00, Google Home is $99.00, and the Google Home Max will set you back $399.00. Whichever home device you have, there are several benefits in addition to that of the Google Assistant.

All Google Homes sport an impressive speaker, with Google Home Max utilizing Smart Sound.
Google homes work with smart thermostats, smart TVs, smart lighting, smart washers and dryers, August Smart Lock Pro, Neato Botvac, and a variety of other smart home products.
You can ask Google to broadcast a message throughout the house. Just say “Hey Google, broadcast it’s dinner time.”
You can ask Google Home to help you find your phone and it will call you.
Guide and track your exercise while tracking nutrition and weight with your home device.

In 2017, The New York Post released an article titled “Americans check their phones 80 times a day: study.” This study was completed by Asurion and found that Americans check their phone every 12 minutes, while 10% of Americans check their phones every 4 minutes. If you’re going to be using your phone so often, then it might as well be working for you!