Do you need to send someone an email, but you are unsure of their email address?  If you have their cellphone number, then you’re in luck!  You can still use your email account to send an email directly to their cellphone.

First things first, to send an email to someone’s phone, you will need to know who their cellular provider is.  If you are unable to ask the person what carrier they have, there are several free carrier lookup sites online.  Their services can lookup and determine the carrier (or provider) of any cellphone number.

Next, you need to look up the domain for your recipient’s specific cellular carrier in the table below.  Each carrier has a unique domain that you will need to use in order to send a message from your email to their cellphone.

It is important to note that many carriers have two different email domains.  One will be for sending a short message service or SMS text.  An SMS message is one that only contains text characters, such as letter, numbers and emojis.  The carrier’s other email domain will be specific to multimedia messaging service or MMS messages.  These messages are texts that contain some sort of multimedia attachment such as a picture, GIF, or video.


Provider Email Domain
Verizon (SMS) (MMS)
Sprint (SMS) (MMS)
US Cellular (SMS) (MMS)
Boost Mobile
Virgin USA


Simply open your email program and compose your message.  If you need to include attachments, make sure you are using the MMS email domain.  Images and videos cannot be delivered to a SMS domain.  You then add your recipient by using their 10-digit cellphone number followed by the appropriate domain in the table above.  For example, to email T-Mobile cellphone number 814-796-5555, the email address would be