Fiber-optic broadband internet service, or Fiber, is being offered by more and more telecom providers. It is an explosive technology trend today, because it offers the fastest data transfer speeds available. It uses fiber-optic cables to carry data at the speed of light, over great distances and with zero degradation in signal strength. This is why it is progressively replacing old copper-based internet services, such as cable and DSL. Full signal strength is entirely possible with Fiber and carriers have the capacity to bundle it with both phone and television services.

The primary drawback to Fiber for most customers is availability. Installing a fiber-optic network often involves high construction costs due to the underground infrastructure needed to carry the cables. Currently, most Fiber networks are of a smaller more regional size. The closer you are to a city, the cheaper and easier Fiber is to obtain at your location. The greatest advantage to Fiber is that it is impervious to weather conditions. It provides a constant and unwavering internet connection, which is often an essential business tool to running a company.

Verify! can help coordinate your entire Fiber install project. In fact, it was our most in-demand service of 2015! We obtain quotes from multiple carriers, and provide you with a true apples-to-apples comparison. This way you always make the most informed decision when selecting your Fiber provider. We stay involved throughout every step of the installation process, from ordering to final testing. We are happy to work with your existing phone vendor, as well as your internal and external IT staff members. We work hard to keep you connected to the internet, your clients and to the world.