Do you love the work you do? We sure do! We have the unique ability to help your business save time and money. Unfortunately, we can not directly increase your revenue, but we can decrease your expenses and increase your internal operational efficiency. Making your money work harder for you is a complicated venture, but we’ve figured out just how to do that!

Increasing your internal operational efficiency starts when your staff can truly focus on where their expertise lies. Our Verify! team has experience dealing with service providers, negotiating contracts, finding better rates, and has accumulated a vast knowledge base to support your staff. Knowing that our service provides you with peace of mind, is the sweetest gift of all!


We recently helped an international raw materials supplier to upgrade their internet services. Not only did we double their internet speeds, we also decreased their monthly telecom spending.


“Even better than the savings is the level of service and attention to detail that Verify!immediately put to work for our company. They successfully implemented account changes and managed our savings, plus, they were very easy to work with!”

-Custom promotional products reseller