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What is Spoofing?

Have you noticed an influx of calls from unknown numbers to your home or cell phone? How many of those numbers appear to be from a local line? Telemarketers, robocallers and even scammers have started to spoof their caller ID. But what is this "spoofing" that they're...

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Verizon Wireless’ Safety Mode

What is safety mode? Safety mode is a free optional feature that some new Verizon Wireless data plans have. It allows cellphones to keep using data at reduced speeds after their data allowance has been used for the month. Whether it is turned on or off, this feature...

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25 Battery Saving Tips

Use a wall charger: If you have the ability try to avoid USB cable charging from a computer or vehicle. Wall charges are faster, and your charge will last longer. Adjust Screen Time Out: Long screen timeouts mean your screen will stay lit longer after you have stopped...

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How to Protect your Wi-Fi Hotspot

1. Enable WPA2 Encryption Many of the newer Wi-Fi Hotspots come with default security measures already on turn on. Usually the manufacturer enables WPA-PSK encryption, but the default encryption strength might be set to outdated standard, such as WEP encryption, to...

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Cleaning Up your Bottom Line

There are three general approaches to increasing your business' profitability. You can increase your revenue, decrease your expenses, or increase your operational efficiency. These approaches can easily be broken down into several different strategies, but for big...

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2017: A Year in Review

As we sit back and reflect on this past year, we had another exciting and fulfilling year hear at Verify! In February, we were lucky enough to be featured in Erie County Executive, Kathy Dahlkemper's 50 in 50 campaign. Her mission was to showcase a wide array of...

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