Electricity and natural gas are priced based on a rate that is constantly fluctuating. Both services are considered a commodity, and their rates have already changed countless times since you’ve read these first two sentences! We strongly urge business customers get a contract on their gas and electric services. Having a contract on utility accounts helps to ensure:

  • A locked-in rate regardless of consumption levels
  • Budget certainty for utility-related expenses
  • More consistency in operational costs
  • Piece of mind you’re getting the lowest possible rate

Ever since deregulation, the list of suppliers available to most business customers is long and overwhelming, to say the least! What exactly is deregulation? Well, deregulation means that governmentally speaking restrictions have been removed in a particular industry, usually for the purpose of encouraging a competitive market. In the case of natural gas and electric services, it allows customers to “shop” their utility suppliers, and chose a rate that works best for them. For example, if you have Penelec for your electricity, you will still continue to use them for your energy distribution. However, you have the ability (and right!) to choose another electric supplier with better rates to deliver your electricity to Penelec, who then delivers it to your building.

Sounds confusing? It can be! Let us handle all of that confusion for you! Verify! audits natural gas and electric bills, and will make personalized cost-saving recommendations. We are an unbiased resource that goes “shopping” through all of those suppliers, to find the lowest rates, helping your business to make informed buying decisions. Even if you are already in a contract, oftentimes, savings can still be found by renegotiating current terms.