There are three general approaches to increasing your business’ profitability. You can increase your revenue, decrease your expenses, or increase your operational efficiency. These approaches can easily be broken down into several different strategies, but for big picture purposes we’ll focus on these three and how to get started.

Increasing your business’ revenue can require multiple plans of attack. These strategies tend to vary not only by your industry, but also by your internal workflow processes. At the end of the day, it all comes down to increasing your sales. When looking to decrease your expenses, you have to make calculated moves in order to ensure that and decreases in costs doesn’t also create a decrease in your internal efficiency. There are several different ways to increase operational efficiency such as cost-effective advertising, up-to-date equipment, and labor reduction.

Verify Services, LLC can’t increase a business’ revenue, but we can decrease expenses and increase internal operational efficiency. It can be a complicated venture to make your money work harder for you, but we’ve figured out how to do just that! Clients begin the journey by taking advantage of our risk-free auditing services. It usually takes us thirty minutes or less to discuss your business’ current services, goals, and needs, and also to get your approval to take a closer look at your accounts. Our audit of your services and recommendation of available cost savings usually takes us a few weeks to compile. We will provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your services, usage, and recommendations that can save you thousands, without changing your provider! Decreasing expenses in phone, internet, gas, electric, and cellular spend would not be possible without the expertise our hardworking team has developed over the years.


Increasing internal operational efficiency starts when your staff can focus on what their expertise includes.  The team at Verify! has years of experience dealing with service providers, contracts, promotions, rates, and have truly accumulated a vast an extensive insider knowledge base to support your current staff.  Our clients get peace of mind knowing that we are actively reviewing their invoices and contracts to ensure correct billing and no surprise charges.

Here is an example of how we can add value and put money back into your business.

In August of 2017 we were happy to present one of our clients with this exceptional news. Need more proof? Call us today at 800-400-7180 or email for more details.