Have you ever looked at one of your company’s bills and wondered what you’re paying for? You are not alone! Truth be told, your service providers aren’t really interested in helping you understand your invoices. They know that business just like yours require utilities such as electricity and internet to operate. Unfortunately, most providers hope that you will just continue to pay your bills because of your need for their services.

Utility invoices are confusing and hard to read by design. Unless your staff is specifically trained to understand them, they could spend hours trying to track down answers or even reach a live representative! Odds are, they don’t know what the current regulations are when it comes to telecom, cellular, natural gas or even electric billing practices – and that is okay!

Increasing your operational efficiency starts when your staff can focus on their area of expertise. You didn’t hire them to decipher your bills. Our Verify! team has years of experience dealing with utility providers, contracts, promotions and rates. We have accumulated an extensive insider knowledge base that allows us to effectively support your current staff. Let your employees worry about their workload, and relax knowing our trained team will verify the accuracy of your utility bills.


“The staff at Verify! are the eyes and ears for us, making sure we are taking advantage of every savings opportunity we can. We have been with them for 2 years now and the savings they generate for us easily outpace their fees, not to mention the time they save for us and the sanity I’ve reclaimed from not having to deal with the telecom giants”

-Plastic molding manufacturer