Several Ohio electric suppliers are once again honoring the LED rebate program. The Energy Efficiency Program has been reinstated for 2017. This program is available to existing facilities and new construction projects alike for commercial, industrial, governmental and institutional electric customers.

LED lighting not only improves the appearance of any business, it also eliminates harmful exposure to the mercury found in traditional incandescent bulbs. LED lights use less energy, thereby causing an immediate decrease in electric expenses. Often times, the energy savings help accelerate the return on investment (or ROI) of the LED upgrade project.

In Ohio, the rebate incentives are available for the installation of LED lighting fixtures and retrofits. They are also available for the purchase and installation of lamps and LED exit signs. These rebate savings would be in addition to the savings already seen on the electric bill. They are paid out via check, after completion of the LED installation project.

These LED rebates are available in a limited capacity. Customers are approved and paid based on a first-requested, first-served basis. This means that once all the rebate funds are paid out, the program will no longer be honored. Once the rebates are gone, they are gone for the remainder of 2017. It is then up to the state of Ohio to determine if an when they would like to initiate the program again.

Most businesses do not want to make a large upfront capital investment to fund a LED retrofit project. There are several financing and leasing options available to Ohio customers for their LED retrofit project. Oftentimes, customers save more than enough money on their electric consumption, that the savings found in their bill more than covers their monthly payment.

If your business could benefit from an LED retrofit project, contact us today. Verify! can help find the limited rebates available to Ohio businesses, before all the cash incentives are gone!