As a manufacturing leader, your focus is on the rise of Industry 4.0 and the urgent need to digitally transform business operations. Your top strategic initiatives are improving product quality, real-time performance benchmarking and reducing operational expenses.

For over 50% of manufacturing executives, minimizing costs to maintain profitability is a top challenge you’re currently facing.

You and your team simply don’t have time to allocate towards managing telecom expenses, removing/adding telecom services and devices or monitoring bills for erroneous charges. Unfortunately, ignoring these areas can result in operational inefficiencies; gaps in cell services; multiple billings for the same service; increased spending on unnecessary services, duplicate services and exorbitant out-of-contract rates—all which negatively affect your organization’s bottom line.

Large, multi-location manufacturing facilities are especially vulnerable to such issues, resulting in lost dollars, lost time and decreased efficiency.

63% of manufacturers say enabling more remote employees through digital technologies is an outcome of the pandemic.

Never Worry About Telecom Management Again

Verify!® is uniquely positioned to support organizations in the manufacturing industry. We are your strategic telecom management partner.

The world of telecom is complex and ever-changing. With our proprietary sysTEM™, Verify!® ensures that your organization isn’t victim to telecom vulnerabilities ever again. We become an extension of your team to expertly find and eliminate bill inaccuracies and hidden costs with your existing providers.

Schedule your free, no-risk audit with Verify!® today. We can help you save valuable time and money with little to none of your time invested!

Our sysTEM™ Finds Opportunities for Improvement
To Help Add Agility to Your Operations

As technology continues to evolve, successful telecom management demands tenacious adherence to steps that must be continuously updated and modernized. Our proprietary sysTEM™ is uniquely designed to adapt to the changes in the industry—and to changes within your own organization.

We discover your pain points, diagnose inefficiencies in your process and serve as the main point of contact for your many telecom service providers. We Verify!® that your telecom services fit your company’s specific needs. As a non-biased strategic partner, we put the right technology and plans together for solutions that are uniquely designed around your organization’s changing circumstances.

Verify!® diligently works to uncover lost revenue and stabilize your bottom line, giving you the ability to invest in new technologies that improve production efficiencies and add agility to your business operations.

No Savings = No Invoice Guaranteed

Seriously. If we can’t find you savings, you don’t pay! It’s our Guarantee, and a promise you can take to the bank!


Through customized recommendations, our business expense management consultants work diligently to reduce your utilities and telecommunication expenses. We invest our time into your accounts to save you both time and money. We pride ourselves in partnering with your internal staff to deliver effective results with very little of your time invested.


After analysis, our ongoing clients gain access to:

  • Improved Internal Efficiency
  • Monthly Bill Reviews
  • Repair Facilitation During Outages
  • Device Ordering
  • Contract Re-Negotiation and more!

Schedule Your Analysis

On average, our Verify!® analysis saves manufacturing companies up to 40% on telecom and 31% on wireless. Remember, NO SAVINGS = NO INVOICE. GUARANTEED.

If we don’t find savings with our analysis, there is NO cost.

We really mean no risk! Getting started takes very little of your time (under an hour!). Get ready to experience the best, done-for-you provider solutions that will give you peace of mind and positively impact your bottom line!