Nobody likes to be without phone or internet services. We live in a fast-paced world that is highly reliant on technology. When we are suddenly without that technology, it can feel like we have ben thrust back into the dark ages!

The same can be said for businesses. Losing your phone and/or internet services at work can cost your business serious money! Think about all the customers that are unable to reach you, while your site is “down”. By identifying the causes of service outages, we can help you prepare for them before they happen. Listed below are the 5 most common causes of phone and internet service outages:

1. Inclement weather

“You can’t control the weather!” I don’t know if truer words have even been spoken. Severe rain, snow and ice can often cause problems at the poles – which in tern causes a service interruption on those lines. We can provide your business with a continuity plan to forward all of your calls, so you never have to miss one again!

2. Outdated phone equipment

Phone systems can be expensive. Many businesses keep their equipment for years in an attempt to get their money’s worth. Over time, this advanced equipment wears down before it ultimately breaks down entirely. We can help connect you with reputable phone and IT vendors, so you never have to pay more than you have to for new equipment.

3. Power outages

Disruptions in electricity can happen for a multitude of reasons, but one this is for certain, you can never know when the power will go out, and how long you might be down for. No electricity = no digital phones or internet.

4. Human error

Nobody is perfect! Sometimes service technicians will be working on the poles and accidently disconnect the wrong lines. Even worse still is the possibility of those who might want to inflict intentional damage to your lines or equipment. We can work with the service providers, on your behalf, to facilitate the fastest repair possible.

5. Unreliable networks

Digital and analog phone service can both experience line or network interruptions. Sometimes the slightest blip in signal strength, is just enough to disconnect a call, or make a phone line completely unusable. This is why Fiber is in-demand right now. It provides unwavering signal strength and is impervious to changes in weather, and can host both internet and voice services.